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*A Guardian, Evening Standard and New Statesman Book to Look Out for in 2021*

GO BIG should be the rallying cry of progressives around the world’ Rutger Bregman, author of Humankind


Good news: the solutions to our problems already exist.

Great news: a once-in-a-generation appetite for change means we can make them happen.

– How do we provide enough affordable housing for everyone?
– How do we rein in the power of Big Tech?
– How can we rebuild our broken politics? How do we tackle the climate crisis?
– How do we really give people back control?

For the past four years, Ed Miliband has been discovering and interviewing brilliant people all around the world who are successfully tackling these problems, transforming communities and pioneering global movements. From a citizens’ assembly in Mongolia to the UK’s largest walking and cycling network in Greater Manchester, from flexible working in Finland to the campaign for the first halal Nando’s in Cardiff, Go Big draws on the most imaginative and ambitious of these ideas to provide a vision for how to remake society.

The challenges we face are daunting, but in Go Big he shows that the scale of what is possible is far greater. We are at a rare moment in history when people everywhere see the need for big change. The future is not yet written. It’s our job to write it.

Go Big shows us how.

‘Enthralling. I was left with such an unusual feeling that I didn’t at first realise what it was, and then I remembered: optimism’ PHILIP PULLMAN

‘Inspired and inspiring, Miliband calls upon us to rise to our challenges with courageous boldness’ CHRISTIANA FIGUERES, Lead Negotiator of the UN Paris Climate Agreement

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Critics Review

  • A new book by Mr Miliband is an important political event … mounts a coherent challenge to orthodox views, encouraging his audience to think differently and laying the foundations of where the country needs to go … Miliband is clear that we live in an age where it is movements of people, not politicians, that change the world

  • Full of ambitious ideas about how to solve gigantic social issues such as working life, childcare and climate change … This flawed, funny Miliband sparkles with an Alan Partridge-like flourish through Go Big … Miliband never sounds angry. He doesn’t even seem to get annoyed when the Tories steal his ideas

  • At a time when our problems seem insurmountable and our disagreements intractable, Ed Miliband gives us reasons to be hopeful. This book makes a compelling case we need to hear: if we are willing to think big, politics can be a force for change and a force for good

    MICHAEL J. SANDEL, author of The Tyranny of Merit
  • There’s a lot of good stuff in here … flashes of insight … neat observations … it is hard to disagree with much of what [he says] … charmingly self-deprecating

    Sunday Times
  • By turns bouncy, chatty and confidential, and above all relentlessly upbeat … fully of ideas, nifty schemes for solving the climate crisis, sound stratagems for encouraging more and better housing, for revitalising public transport, for loosening the stranglehold of the market and a whole lot more besides

    Private Eye

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