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Intention is the seed of all change and it is the creative power that fulfils our dreams. An intention contains the DNA of manifestation and it is therefore the key to creating the life you want. Our outer world is a reflection of our inner world, and so the only way to shift reality is to start with what is inside us.

According to research, 92% of new year resolutions fail by the end of the year. The only way to reverse this trend is to go deeper.

This powerful book guides you through a process of practical self-enquiry that gets to the true heart of your intentions for this life. You will weed out the obstacles in the way of your wishes, such as limiting self-beliefs and the stories you currently tell about yourself. You will plant the seeds of intention with a sense of true clarity and infinite possibility, and then water them with your daily actions and care. And then all that needs to be done is to trust in the outcome and allow your intentions to grow.

Intention is for anyone who wishes to align their life with their innermost wishes and tap into the most underrated power in the universe.

PRAISE FOR Intention:
“It is a joy to find a life-changing book that is so clearly and beautifully written. Andrew Wallas distils decades of clinical practice with wisdom and a deceptively light touch. The overall message is strong. We are each responsible for our own path to happiness, and Intention is the inspiring guidebook that can help us to find it.” – Georgia Coleridge, author of The Chakra Project

“Intention is a superpower which when used correctly aligns us to our purpose and helps fulfil our heart’s work. Andrew Wallas elegantly and generously shows us how. His approach is simple, yet it is not easy – but boy is it worth it.” Emma Cannon, fertility and women’s health expert, acupuncturist and author of Fertile
“Andrew holds the space for you to reconnect with your inner wisdom. His skill is that he is intuitive but practical.” Financial Times, How To Spend It
“Fast-tracked healing” – Vogue
“Andrew Wallas has a gift for transforming stuck energy and releasing you from negative patterns” Tatler
“With easy charm and 30 years’ experience as a psychotherapist, Andrew Wallas helps clients remove the obstacles standing in their way”– Vanity Fair
“He has an uncanny ability to sense emotional blocks and asks penetrating questions that unearth destructive patterns of behaviour” – The Daily Mail
“Amazingly honest. Incredibly insightful. For any blocks you need to uncover to be able to create the life you want – visit the Wizard” – Tanya, business woman
“I have met many “spiritual” healers, guides and psychics over the years. However, none of them have managed to explain to me in terms that I understand how I can effectively blend the real or human world with this spiritual calling that I feel. I believe that I have found in you my guru / teacher that can really help me navigate this exciting journey” Gavin, businessman

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