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Penguin presents the audiobook edition of Like She Owns the Place written and read by Cara Alwill Leyba.

Can you imagine what your life would be like if you abandoned the idea of perfection and decided to embrace your whole self – and even better – love yourself?

Imagine if you stopped putting your happiness in the hands of others. Imagine you stopped waiting for validation from external forces and learnt how to be intimate with failure, cellulite, success, wrinkles, imperfection, mistakes, vulnerability. Imagine what life would be like if you just decided to feel good now.

In Like She Owns the Place, master life coach and motivational speaker Cara Alwill Leyba teaches you that confidence is all about knowing yourself. Leyba lays down the foundations to help you build confidence from the ground up which include ditching the idea of winning, editing toxic people and habits from your life and embracing the achievements of other women.

Follow Cara’s advice and you’ll be walking into every room like you own the place.

Critics Review

  • Cara delivers a Sex and The City, no BS, approach to confidence, self-love and entrepreneurship. Her personal story is relatable and her writing style is witty. A highly recommended guide for anyone wanting to raise their vibe and elevate their life!

    founder of Eaton House Studio
  • Cara Alwill Leyba is the epitome of a modern, self-made woman. She knew what she wanted from life, and has worked hard to get it, in spite of stumbling blocks which would have made others give up before they even started. In Girl Code Cara proved her expertise on the subject of starting a new business, and with Like She Owns the Place she shows her understanding of female insecurity, and provides actionable advice to achieve your own personal highest potential.’

    Charly Lester, Co Founder of A League of Her Own and Founder of Lumen
  • Cara’s latest book is a gift to women everywhere. She’s at her most authentic and vulnerable as she inspires us to embrace every single aspect of ourselves-the real key to stepping into our power. My copy has become a precious journal I’ll refer to again and again. Bravo!

    author of Get Over Your Damn Self
  • In Like She Owns the Place, Cara’s vulnerability and honesty are the perfect reminder that what makes us great is not how flawless we can seem – it’s how comfortable we are with ourselves

    co-founder and author of The Financial Diet
  • Not only does Cara Alwill Leyba inspire women all over the world, she’s also a damn good writer. Naturally, Like She Owns The Place doesn’t disappoint. You will walk away with tools to actually apply to their own lives. Tools build more confidence, happiness, and -most importantly – sass. Truly, Cara is a shining example of what happens when women support women

    founder of The Skinny Confidential
  • The second I started reading this book, I felt like Cara was a best friend who totally understood me… Her stories of what it looked and felt like to step into her authentic truth had me literally feeling more confident the very next day. If you see your future self as a woman who is changing the game – get this book and read it now

    founder of The Bliss Project and author of A Tribe Called Bliss

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