Rob Roy

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Rob Roy MacGregor is the romantic outlaw who comes alive in Sir Walter Scott’s classic epic of the passions and struggles of the Scottish border lands.

In rich, vivid prose, Rob Roy follows the adventures of Frank Osbaldistone, who falls out of favor with his father after failing to measure up to his expectations in the world of business. Sent to stay in Scotland, Frank, an innocent, Protestant Englishman,is intrigued by the wild and noble land. He finds himself drawn to the powerful, enigmatic figure of Rob Roy who, with his passionate and fierce wife Helen, fights for justice and dignity for the Scottish people.

Twists of plot, Rob Roy’s cunning escapes, uprisings against English oppressors, and Frank’s forbidden love for a Catholic girl combine with superb period detail to make this an incomparable portrait of the highlands, a great hero, and a glorious Scottish past.

Critics Review

  • “When I think of Rob Roy I am impatient with all other novels.”

    Robert Louis Stevenson
  • “This early nineteenth-century classic, which tells the story of the Robin Hood of Scotland, is alive and well in this production, elegant in sound and style. Frederick Davidson’s voice masterfully moves from brogue to dialect, from Gaelic to English. He succeeds at the resonance of narrator Francis, the commanding voice of Rob Roy, the growl of the wicked Rashleigh, and the beautiful lilt of Diana Vernon. This recording, accordingly, ‘thrills the blood.’”

  • “Frederick Davidson narrates, one supposes, just as the author intended, with a distinct, intelligible, Scottish accent.” 

    Library Journal
  • “Davidson is a veteran reader of audio books and his fully voiced rendering is marvelous. He has the ability to make use of a wide range of English and Scottish accents…This audio classic is highly recommended.”


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