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As Lacey waits for Baby Luzzi to make his or her appearance, she’s decided—at her husband’s insistence—to cool her jets on the whole chasing-criminals lifestyle. She’s settled in comfortably as part-time help at her best friend’s bar, and, although the work might be a tad boring after years of explosions and car chases, it’s a safe job, relatively sanitary and uneventful—for most people. Lacey isn’t most people. When Lacey gets caught in the middle of a bank heist, her priceless wedding ring ends up in the hands of three ladies known to the media as the Femme Fatale. The thieves might have gotten away with three heists across the Twin Cities to date, but one hitch they didn’t count on was a pregnant lady scorned. Lacey Luzzi’s hormones are on the fritz, her sugar habits are out of control, and her tears are flowing freely. This time, the robbers picked on the wrong gal. With her due date approaching rapidly, Lacey is bound and determined to recover her ring and put this case behind her…before she’s delivering more than guilty criminals on the job.

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