Summary, Analysis, and Review of Jennifer Ashton’s The Self-Care Solution

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PLEASE NOTE: This is a summary, analysis and review of the book and not the original book.In The Self-Care Solution, physician and ABC News medical correspondent Dr. Jennifer Ashton offers readers a peek into her world as she shares the 12 wellness challenges that helped her transform her health and wellbeing. She shows us that it is possible to live the lives we desire by simply taking small steps and recasting our challenges as opportunities for change.What Does this Start Publishing Notes’ Summary, Analysis, and Review Include?Summary of the original bookEasily digestible takeaways distilling the main ideasA breakdown of the 12 wellness challenges that Ashton took on as part of her healing and transformationThe benefits of aerobic exercises, meditation, quality sleep, and other underestimated lifestyle changesEditorial Review & AnalysisBackground on Jennifer AshtonAbout the Original Book:Though change is an inevitable part of life, it is never a comfortable experience for most people. After her ex-husband committed suicide, Doctor Jennifer Ashton was so distraught that she knew she had to find a way to transform her life. But what was initially supposed to be a 30-day abstention from alcohol quickly turned into a 12-month experiment! In her book, The Self-Care Solution, she describes how she went on this year-long journey to improve her health and regain her wellness. She shares her successes and failures as she inspires millions of her fans to make small tweaks in their lives in order to transform their wellbeing.DISCLAIMER: This book is intended as a companion to, not a replacement for, The Self-Care Solution Start Publishing Notes is wholly responsible for this content and is not associated with the original author in any way.

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