The Deerslayer

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Set during the French and Indian Wars, The Deerslayer vividly captures the violence and rugged beauty of the American frontier. In the wilds of New York, where tensions rage between tribal Indians and white pioneers, a white hunter known as Deerslayer is initiated into the moral codes of wilderness society. When he and his loyal Mohican friend attempt the daring rescue of an Indian maiden, they are caught in the crossfire between a cunning enemy and two merciless white bounty hunters who kill for profit.

A fine combination of romance, adventure, and morality, this classic novel is an eloquent beginning for Cooper’s great wilderness saga, the Leatherstocking Tales—and an unforgettable introduction to the famous character who has been said to embody the conscience of America: the noble woodsman Deerslayer.

Critics Review

  • “James Fenimore Cooper was the first great American novelist.”

    A. B. Guthrie
  • “Cooper is the greatest artist in the domain of romantic fiction in America.”

    Wilkie Collins
  • “How did they sound—the people who, long ago, lived at or beyond the edge of the settled world? Raymond Todd answers this question as well as an audio performer can: by varying accents, pace, and inflection to convey both character types and individuals like Natty Bumpo and Chingachgook. The results are plausible and entertaining.”

  • “Packed with vivid description of action and locale, romance and yearning. Todd’s voice is extraordinary, rich and deep. We hear the personality of the characters, with all of their earnestness, shaped by awareness of their stations in life.”


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