Flexible Pricing & Rewards For Listening

At xigxag, the more you read, the less you pay on full price titles, as in the table below.

Pricing updates automatically in the app and resets one year after your first purchase.

In the app you can always find a selection of brilliant titles available for only £3.99.


Titles Purchased

  1. 1-5
  2. 6-10
  3. 11-15
  4. 16-20
  5. Over 20

Price p/Title

  1. £7.99
  2. £6.99
  3. £5.99
  4. £4.99
  5. £3.99
  1. No monthly subscription
  2. Automatic Discounts
  3. No commitments
  4. Buy at your own pace
  5. Titles available for just £3.99!

Why choose xigxag?

We’re a British audiobook app built by listeners, combining modern functionality and innovative features with fair and flexible pricing for all.

No subscription audiobooks

Buy only when you’re ready to listen and get rewarded without having to sign up to inflexible monthly subscriptions.

Prices £7.99 - or less

At xigxag, the more you listen, the less you pay on full price titles. Unlock lower prices after every five books.

More for your money

When you buy an x-book, you get the audiobook and e-book in one. That’s like two formats in one for no additional cost.

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