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Our award-winning UK audiobook app offers great prices, no subscriptions and exclusive access to the listen-and-read x-book®

At xigxag, we put listeners at the heart of everything we do: great prices, no subscriptions and the best-ever user experience

Why xigxag?

Thousands of top titles

The authors and narrators you love, from leading publishers: bestsellers, classics and new releases, with more titles being added every week

Cool new features

The best social and sharing features of any audiobook app: share quotes and book recommendations or send gifts directly from the app

Great prices

The more you listen, the less you pay on full price titles with a selection of titles always available at £3.99

No commitments

Enjoy listening without the pressure of a monthly subscription – only pay when you’re ready to listen

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How to Kill Your Family by Bella Mackie audiobook and ebook in one on xigxag
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Nick and Charlie by Alice Oseman audiobook and ebook in one on xigxag Nick and Charlie by Alice Oseman audiobook and ebook in one on xigxag

Introducing the x-book®

Listen and read in one

Pay once and get the audiobook and e-book in a single, integrated ‘listen and read’ format

Cool new features

Search, take notes, share quotes and lookup words without having to pause or download a pdf

Get the whole story

See illustrations as you listen and get the whole story – just as the author intended

Never miss a thing

Listen when you’re on the go, switch to reading or read along

Join the community 👋 made for listeners

Flexible pricing that rewards you for listening

Our pricing works on an annual basis from your first purchase and the more you read, the less you pay on full price titles. Find out how much below:

Titles Purchased

  1. 1-5
  2. 6-10
  3. 11-15
  4. 16-20
  5. Over 20

Price p/Title

  1. £7.99
  2. £6.99
  3. £5.99
  4. £4.99
  5. £3.99

You don’t have to buy all at once: we keep track and apply the discount automatically. And, you can always find a selection of titles available at £3.99.

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