21st century reading

Enjoy more books by listening

Always find your way

Enjoy books more efficiently with controls and features designed specifically for audiobooks.

Get a fair deal

Listen at your own pace with no commitments. No monthly pressure to pay when you can't listen.

Enjoy and share

Share your love of reading with the world using social features you won't find anywhere else.

Audiobooks help listeners finish more books

Listen on the go with all the benefits of traditional reading

woman listening to audiobooks in a cafe

Enjoy more books

Audiobook listeners finish more books. Audiobooks allow you to read anywhere - on the go, at home, on the train or in the car.

At xigxag, enjoy more books at great prices with no subscription. Read at your own pace and pay per title with no monthly pressure. You'll be surprised how many more books you'll finish!

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Made for this

Old-fashioned audiobook platforms are made for music, not reading. That's why it's easy to lose your place but difficult to find it again.

At xigxag, we've developed modern navigation controls specifically for audiobooks, which means it's easier to find your way - and harder to get lost - ensuring you have the most efficient reading experience possible.

Make listening more social

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At xigxag, sharing and social is built into everything we do. Just heard a brilliant quote? Quote and share it on social media. Just read a book that changed your life? Tell all your followers. See a book that would be perfect for a mate? Share a recommendation on your messaging app. Share your enjoyment and let your friends and followers enjoy along with you!

Connecting new audiences

Audiobooks are the fastest growing segment of publishing, but listening audiences are still small relative to their potential. At xigxag, we revolutionise the audiobook experience and democratise access to audiobooks. We help publishers diversify and grow audiences beyond traditional channels. Together, we make more voices heard by more listeners.

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