A Door into Ocean

  • Author Joan Slonczewski
  • Narrator Rosalyn Landor
  • Publisher Blackstone Publishing
  • Run Time 17 hours and 59 minutes
  • Format Audio
  • Genre Science fiction.

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What to expect

The Sharers of Shora are a nation of women on a distant moon in the far future. They are pacifists, they are highly advanced in biological sciences, and they reproduce by parthenogenesis—because there are no males. Conflict erupts when a militaristic neighboring civilization sends an army to develop their ocean world.

A groundbreaking work both of feminist science fiction and of world-building, hard science fiction, A Door into Ocean is the novel that solidified Joan Slonczewski’s reputation as an important science fiction writer.

Critics Review

  • “By the time the conflict…has moved to center stage, you not only know the antagonists intimately, you care passionately about the outcome…The story deals with the efforts of decent people on both sides to see beyond their culture-bound definitions of humanity.”

    New York Times Book Review
  • “A dreamy, poetic book…very much in the spirit of Dune or Le Guin’s works. It’s tough to build a world, particularly if you try to get the science correct. Author Slonczewski accomplishes that difficult feat and manages a gripping plot into the bargain. Maybe Le Guin has competition.”

    San Francisco Examiner
  • “One of the best new science fiction novels of the last several years.”

  • “An intriguing ocean world…[The] schematic political framework is enlivened by the full-blooded characters who negotiate between the two cultures. Science Fiction Book Club selection.”

    Publishers Weekly
  • “Slonczewski creates an all-female, nonviolent culture that reaches beyond feminism to a new definition of human nature. This novel is highly recommended.”

    Library Journal

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