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After the Monsoon

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Your sins can never truly be washed away

A mysterious death…

A Swedish army lieutenant drops dead on a shooting range in the African desert. Tragic accident? Or murder? Agent Ernst Grip is sent to uncover the truth.

A family in danger…

At the same time, Somali pirates kidnap a wealthy Swedish family. Why is no one back home willing to pay the ransom to save these innocent lives?

A world where no one can be trusted…

As Grip investigates, he is drawn deep into a web of intrigue, greed and double dealings. And soon he is forced to wonder – in a world where friends become enemies in the blink of an eye, how is it possible for anyone to survive?

Critics Review

  • ‘Robert Karjel’s After the Monsoon is both Nordic noir and international thriller. The compelling characters and the suspense he creates kept me hooked until the very last page!’ David Lagercrantz, bestselling author of The Girl in the Spider’s Web

    Praise for Robert Karjel:

    ‘An intriguing, satisfying thriller … a subtle, gripping plot. What makes this thriller stand out is that it is not Nordic noir. There are no gloomy landscapes and melancholy silences. In their place is rapid-fire action, and a serpentine story that bursts off the page like a brush fire’ Daily Mail

    ‘Inhabits blockbuster thriller territory’ Independent

    ‘You’ll race through this wonderful debut’ Sun

    ‘Filled with rich characterization and unforeseeable twists and revelations, this mesmerizing first in a planned series will leave readers gasping for breath’ Publishers Weekly

    ‘A compelling read’ Entertainment Weekly

    ‘An unusual and gripping Swedish thriller that constantly surprises with its twists and turns’ The Sydney Morning Herald

    ‘This is exactly how a thriller should feel, and Robert Karjel constructs it with a fencer’s elegance: one suspects nothing of the underlying effort. But what makes Robert Karjel extraordinary is his language – the style itself, his pointed observations. Karjel is a subtle observer’ Dagens Nyheter

    ‘The oppressing heat and exotic locations around the world bring a different type of noir: where no one feels safe, yet become a pawn in a game of those with money, power and obsessions’ Crime Review

    ‘Everything winds together nicely here, using plenty of action and pace, and just enough real-life reflections as well as “what if” scenarios to keep the reader on the edge of their seat, and, as is less often the case in thrillers, wondering about the greyness of right and wrong’ Aust Crime Fiction

    ‘Loads of suspense complete with knotty twists will continually grasp your attention’ The Discerning Reader

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