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Racing through the backwoods of Massachusetts and on the verge of being taken down for one of the biggest and most disastrous bank heists the state has ever seen, Parker runs right into the barrel of a gun pointed from the wrong side of the law.

A quiet and angry recluse with only a silent parrot for company in his seclusion, Tom Lindahl saves Parker from the police dogs, but enmeshes him in yet another in a long line of dubious, highly dangerous—but seriously profitable—jobs.

Far more than some aimless indigent, holed up in a shack in the woods, Lindahl is a man built on rage and driven by a thirst for revenge. A whistleblower whom nobody heard, a man tossed aside by a corrupt political establishment, Lindahl plans to rob them of their lucre and needs Parker’s help.

Critics Review

  • “The usual high quotient of mishaps, reversals, double crosses, fatal surprises, and automotive information…As for what happens to the parrot—don’t ask. Our beak is sealed.”

    New York Times
  • “As with any Parker novel, things go to hell in bits and pieces as the tight-knit plan unravels, while Parker, ever the cold-blooded professional, deals with the pitiful attempts of amateurs and law enforcement alike to bring him down. Why do readers love this heartless bad guy? Because he’s so damn good at what he does.”

    Publishers Weekly
  • “William Dufris’ performance is excellent…Dufris’ delivery of the characters’ voices, complete with local accents, is totally believable.”

  • “In a rare detour from his starkly realistic style, Stark waves his beak at Westlake fans by giving Parker’s sour sidekick a nameless parrot that finally finds a reason to speak during an explosively comic scene sure to ruffle the feathers of a few bird lovers.”

  • “A rough, unpredictable thread running through each and every paragraph, a hint that this, or perhaps the next, event that takes place may spell the end to Parker and to the series…Clean, dark narrative.”

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