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The remarkable true story of an unrivalled journey to recreate the greatest run in film history: 15,621 miles, five-times across the United States.

Becoming Forrest is the incredible story of Englishman Rob Pope, a veterinarian who left his job in pursuit of a dream – to become the first person ever to complete the epic run undertaken by one of Hollywood’s most beloved characters, Forrest Gump. After his momma urged him “to do one thing in life that made a difference”, he flew to Alabama, put on his running shoes, and sped off into the wilderness.

His remarkable journey covered 15,600 miles, the distance from the North to the South Pole and a third of the way back. Over a grueling 18 months, braving injuries, blizzards, forest fires and deadly wildlife, he crossed the United States five times. During one of the most turbulent periods in recent American history, Rob immersed himself in American life. His time on the open road saw him forever changed, trying to make that difference, in the process of Becoming Forrest.

This is a tale of one man who just wanted to make a difference.

Critics Review

  • ‘Rob Pope is a real-life Hollywood superstar!’
    Dean Karnazes, author of Ultramarathon Man

    ‘A simply staggering feat of endurance and storytelling. The tenacity, curiosity and humour of Rob’s amazing journey comes through in every page of this wonderful tale about people, discovery and a very, very long road.’ Mark Beaumont, author of The Man Who Cycled the World

    ‘With tons of humour Rob Pope takes us into one of the greatest running journeys. Lace up your shoes and enjoy this excellent book!’ Kilian Jornet, runner and author of Above the Clouds

    ‘What Rob has achieved both physically and mentally is mind-blowing, a true feat of human endurance.’ Tom Evans, Ultrarunner

    ‘A very readable and entertaining travelogue about an effing extraordinary run.’ Damian Hall, author of In It for the Long Run: Breaking records and getting FKT

    ‘A stirring chronicle … What quickly becomes striking — on top of the extreme distance of his runs, often “forty miles every day without rest” — is Pope’s innate curiosity and fascination with the world around him. … This is sure to inspire distance runners as well as those interested in a hearty slice of Americana.’ Publishers Weekly starred review

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