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An engaging and reflective look at how austerity and the billionaire class paved the way for Trump’s presidency, the rise of the “alt-right,” and the caging of migrant children and adults in detention centers across the country

For all of the energy that the far right has demonstrated—and for all of the support that they receive from institutional conservatives in the GOP and affiliated organizations—the United States is experiencing an upsurge in left-wing social movements unlike any other in the past half-century, with roots not in the Democratic Party but Occupy Wall Street and Black Lives Matter.

Drawing on his original reporting as well as archival research, O’Connor investigates how the capitalist class and the radical right mobilize racism to defend their interests, while focusing on one of the most pressing issues of our time: immigration.

Critics Review

  • “This is a painful, clear-sighted, casually shocking, necessary read.”

    Jia Tolentino, New York Times bestselling author
  • Blood Red Lines has set the bar for new works on the contemporary fascist right, for researchers and antifascist organizers both.”

  • “O’Connor’s impressive research and investigative skills shine through. Liberals will cheer this impassioned manifesto.”

    Publishers Weekly
  • “A forensic deep-dive into the dark arterial network of the anti-immigrant far-right. In an engaging journalistic method and storytelling style, O’Connor presents a map-like, chronological exposé of the white nationalist origination of restrictionist policy and its comfortable convergence with capitalist political economy.”

    Justin Akers Chacón, author of No One is Illegal
  • “[O’Connor] lucidly distills scholarly literature and marshals years of on-the-ground reporting to explain and expose how manufactured border and immigration threats have become the central means through which racist demagogues mobilize right-wing politics against a liberal capitalist state in crisis.”

    Daniel Denvir, author of All-American Nativism
  • “In this brilliantly clear-eyed book, O’Connor deftly unties the odious rat king of old-money nativism, murderous fascism, and rapacious neoliberalism, exposing how white supremacy lies at the core of not just capitalism but America itself.”

    Vegas Tenold, author of Everything You Love Will Burn

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