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Daughters of Paris

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What to expect

A must-read for fans of Kate Quinn and Kristin Hannah!

Paris 1930s

A promise that binds them together. A war that pulls them apart.

Childhood companions Fleur and Colette make a vow, under the trailing ivy of their secret garden, that they will be secret sisters forever. But as they grow up, the promises of childhood are put to the ultimate test. For Colette is the daughter of the house, and her life is all jazz clubs, silk dresses and chilled champagne, while Fleur is the orphan niece of the housekeeper and doesn’t feel like she belongs anywhere.

Years later, in 1939, life as they know it will never be the same. As the German tanks roll in and Paris becomes an occupied city, the promise they made as children will have consequences they could never have imagined…

Readers love Daughters of Paris:

‘I’m an avid reader of WWII novels and this was up there with the best…Strong women, enduring friendship and love’ Bev

Has it all: mystery, suspense, history, strong female characters, and kept me engaged throughout…excellent’ Rachel

Outstanding…five stars from me’ Karren

‘It’s been a while since I cried at a book!’ Shanon

‘I really enjoyed this story of loyalty, love, bravery and true friendship…a very thought-provoking read’ Chrissie

‘This was a lovely WWII historical fiction novel that focused on the relationships between the female characters, which I appreciated. And there is romance, of course, because what is a wartime novel set in Paris without a bit of romance?’ Lorin

Critics Review

  • Readers are absolutely loving The Secret Agent:

    ‘Captivated my heart…5 out of 5 stars for me’ Megan

    A beautiful historical novel describing the plight of a brave young woman willing to put her own life at risk for the sake of saving others’ Julia

    ‘A wonderful novel with exciting twists and a satisfying ending’ Emily

    ‘I sat up through the night reading this book and I would definitely recommend it’ Julie

    ‘Perfect for a flight or a night curled up with a cup of tea or wine’ Sarah

    A heartbreaking story of the sacrifices made by the young women of the S.O.E’ Anne

    ‘I would give this a higher rating than 5 it was that good’ Patricia

    ‘There is romance, drama and tension … an enjoyable read’ Karyn

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