Deadly Associates

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Step into Chicago during the 1960s and ’70s, when mobsters influence everyone from strip-club owners to Teamsters, aldermen, judges, and local police. It is a world where good men are corrupted by the irresistible lure of money and power and families are shattered by lies, violence, and tragedy.

Danny Seifert, a street-smart and ambitious young man, follows his father’s example in his efforts to provide a good, comfortable life for his wife and children. Soon, however, his path leads him toward the dark heart of the Mob. His career choices eventually bring him to a point where he must choose between loyalty to the Mob and probable prison time, or coming clean to the FBI, testifying against Mob leaders, and risking retaliation to himself and his family. He chooses the latter, which ultimately leads to his murder and decades of living in fear for his widow, Emma, and their children.

As they grow into men, Danny’s sons, Joe and Nick, take it upon themselves to find the man responsible for their father’s death and make him pay. In seeking retribution for Danny, will they also succumb to lives of crime, or will they follow the high road of law and justice all the way to the Family Secrets trial in 2007, one of the largest Mob trials in history?

Find out in Deadly Associates, a meticulously researched and poignantly personal story of one family’s life inside and outside the Chicago Mob.

The book behind the Deadly Associates docuseries on REELZChannel™!

Critics Review

  • “Recounting the heart-wrenching details, the tragedy, and ultimate triumph of the family at the center of one of the most brutal episodes in the history of the Chicago Outfit, Deadly Associates gave me a glimpse into the soul of the Seiferts in a way no transcript or news report ever could. This book tells an incredible story of a family that overcame criminal adversity in their quest for justice and peace. An absolutely riveting account of the true toll extracted by the mafia with none of the usual glitz and glamour.”

    Camillus Robinson, author of Married to the Mob and other Misadventures

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