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This blood-curdling tale of blood-thirsty vampires continues to hold audiences spellbound more than a century after its publication.

Summoned to assist with legal matters regarding a real estate transaction, young Englishman Jonathan Harker journeys to the dismal, dreary castle of Count Dracula in Transylvania. The fledgling solicitor is completely unprepared for what he will discover in the days to come—and the horrifying chain of events sparked by his unsettling stay with the mysterious Count.

The Dracula mythology has inspired a vast subculture, but the story has never been better told than by Bram Stoker. He succeeds entirely in his aim to terrify. His myth is powerful because it allows evil to remain mysterious, unconquerable by strength of mind or virtuous action. Van Helsing’s high-thinking and scientific skill cannot resist the dreadful potency of the undead. The high virtue of Lucy can simply be drained away, as her blood is drained away, until she too joins the vampire brood. Only the old magic—a crucifix, garlic, a wooden stake—can provide effective weapons against the Count’s appalling power.

Critics Review

  • “The world’s best-known vampire story comes to life in this expert performance by Simon Vance. His subtle shading of voice gives complete personality and motivation to each of the eight protagonists…For a classic performance of a classic work, this production must not be missed.”

  • “One of the most powerful horror tales ever written.”

    Malcolm Bradbury, English author and academic
  • “In seeking a parallel to this weird, powerful, and horrorful story our mind reverts to such tales as The Mysteries of Udolpho, Frankenstein, The Fall of the House of Usher…but Dracula is even more appalling in its gloomy fascination than any one of these.”

    Daily Mail (London)
  • “Whitfield’s competence is apparent in the retelling of Dracula. He wisely eschews over-dramatization, despite the horror story’s emotional extremes, resulting in a performance that generates even more impact for this classic.”


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