Enneagram Empowerment

  • Author Laura Miltenberger
  • Narrator Jeanette Robinson
  • Publisher Dorling Kindersley Ltd
  • Run Time 3 hours and 11 minutes
  • Format Audio
  • Genre Popular psychology.

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What to expect

Understand yourself clearly and reap the benefits. Discover your type and become your best self.

The enneagram, a popular personality assessment with sacred roots, offers an opportunity to improve your life and relationships through self-awareness and understanding of others. Based on nine core personality types, the enneagram reveals how your personality type and its associated traits can influence your relationships, work habits, and goals. With simple explanations and whimsical illustrations, Enneagram Empowerment gives you the tools to transform.

– Identify your enneagram type
– Learn about the defining characteristics of each type
– Find out how your personality traits can influence your daily habits and interactions
– Discover how to embrace the strengths of your type and overcome your weaknesses
– Improve your relationships by deepening your understanding of others

Laura Miltenberger is the co-creator of XO, Enneagram, a platform for improving mental and physical health by practicing intentional and personalized self-care with the enneagram. She is a holistic health coach who uses the enneagram as a tool to help her clients find more self-awareness and insight. In 2019, she published My Ennegram Journal, a tool for guided writing and personal growth. Follow her on Instagram @xoenneagram or visit xoenneagram.com.

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