House of Mirrors

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What to expect

Two years ago, the Piper family fled Fenton House after their dream of a new life turned into an unspeakable nightmare. The house has stood empty ever since, given a wide berth by everyone except ghost hunters and occult fanatics. Now something is trying to lure the Pipers back to Fenton House. But is that “something” a malevolent supernatural entity? Or is there a more earthly explanation? Whatever the truth, Adam and Ella Piper are about to discover that their family’s future is inextricably bound up with the last place they ever wanted to see again. The Pipers aren’t the only ones whose fate is tied to Fenton House. Three thieves seeking their fortune and a mysterious redheaded woman are also converging on the remote Cornish mansion. Over the course of a single stormy night, each of them will be forced to confront their true self. How far are they willing to go in pursuit of their deepest, darkest desires? How much are they prepared to give in order to simply survive till dawn?

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