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With the 1974 publication of the novel Jaws and the release a year later of the film based on the book, an American cultural phenomenon was born. Today, the remarkable bestseller by Peter Benchley still towers as a thrilling classic of suspense, drama, and the eternal conflicts of man against nature … and man against himself.

As the movie continues to broadcast all over the world, entire generations may know the Jaws story only through its cinematic rendition. Those unfamiliar with the literary forerunner are in for a wonderful surprise, for the novel contains many twists of plot and character that were omitted in the film. Peter Benchley’s Jaws is an extraordinary experience of its own, a masterpiece as mesmerizing today as it was in 1974, when it first took us into the watery world of a creature designed by nature to kill … and into the terror it brings from the silent darkness of the deep.

Critics Review

  • “A tightly written, tautly paced study of terror…that still makes us tingle.”

    Washington Post
  • “A super-thriller! If you have any imagination at all, the book will give you the shivers.”

    New York Post
  • “Relentless terror.”

    Philadelphia Inquirer
  • “Pick up Jaws before midnight, read the first five pages, and I guarantee you’ll be putting it down breathless and stunned as dawn is breaking the next day.”

    Daily Express (London)
  • “Benchley keeps it moving, fulfills all expectations…Jaws is lean, all sinew, everything directed toward a climax that is implanted on the retina from the very first sentence.”

    New York magazine
  • “Narrator Erik Steele delivers a solid performance that brings new layers to the familiar characters of Hooper and Brody. Steele’s delivery has the characters speaking in a natural yet subtly terrified tone that seems to grant listeners access to the tale in a new way. Ultimately, the story is still as thrilling as ever…Erik Steele’s performance heightens the tension, thereby increasing the payoff at the conclusion.”


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