Murder on the Run

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Meet Veronica “Ronnie” Ventana, daughter of the infamous Ventanas, the couple who made cat burglary classy. With her own special expertise in burglar alarm systems—getting past them, that is—Ronnie and her best friend Blackie Coogan, “shamus emeritus” of San Francisco, operate on the legit side of the law.

Running is supposed to be the path to health, but for Ronnie it’s suddenly a direct route to danger. At six a.m. on the edge of San Francisco Bay, she’s the jogger who stumbles onto the scene of a crime. The killer has seen her face, and she’s ID’d him as a political honcho with enough clout to cover up anything, even murder. Now she’s running for her life, from the barrios to San Francisco’s ritziest neighborhoods, and her destination is that dark place called Justice and Revenge.

Critics Review

  • “The mystery is fast-paced, and the author’s hard-boiled style is well-suited to audio.”

    Indianapolis Star
  • “Carol Cowan, who has one of those voices one never tires of hearing, is brilliant as the reader. Her ability to change voices, moods and tempos makes this story seem much shorter than it is.”

    St. Louis Post-Dispatch
  • “The satisfying momentum never flags from this first novel’s opening moment…Readers will want more of Ventana, an appealing protagonist who engages in intelligent, stylish sleuthing.”

    Publishers Weekly
  • “Carol Cowan delivers a dynamic portrait of the tough but vulnerable Ventana. Cowan’s deep, resonant voice has great range and projects humor and warmth into the snappy dialogue.”

  • “Both polite and profane, idealistic and hard-boiled, Ventana is a satisfying heroine…Recommended.”

    Library Journal
  • “Cowan’s flawless reading is one of the best I’ve heard in the tough, independent-female-private-eye-mystery genre. Her fully voiced first-person narration moves along at a good, even pace and suits the time, place and atmosphere.”


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