Nasty Girls

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What to expect

Camille, Jade, and Shy are best friends and have always had each other’s backs. Jade and Shy’s boyfriends, Roscoe and James, are partners in a lucrative drug business, but one night they get caught up in a shoot-out that goes horribly wrong.

Shy’s man, Roscoe, ends up in prison while James walks away clean, and things begin to fall apart between the girls. Jealousy, greed, revenge, and betrayal test the true bonds of friendship. Get ready, because these girls are about to take “nasty” to a whole new level.

Critics Review

  • “With Nasty Girls, Erick S. Gray takes street lit to the next level. This explosive tale leaves you begging for more.”

    Deja King, author of Bitch
  • “Erick Gray is a prolific writer at the top of his game! Nasty Girls is one of his best books ever!”

    Mark Anthony, Essence bestselling author of Dogism Saga

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