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Nathalia Buttface and the Most Embarrassing Dad in the World

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What to expect

At last something laugh-out-loud funny for girls in this hilarious new series from TV and radio comedy writing talent Nigel Smith.

The Most Embarrassing Dad in the World was embarrassing Nathalia even before she was born.
He went and married Mum, didn’t he?
Mum’s last name was De Montfort.
Thanks to Dad she wasn’t Nathalia De Montfort.
She was Nathalia Bumole.

“It’s pronounced Bew-mow–lay,” Dad would tell her patiently, time and again. “If anyone says differently, the joke’s on them.”

But as Nathalia knows only too well, the joke will not be on them. It will be on her. Massively.

If Nathalia can just keep The Most Embarrassing Dad In The World away from her new school, then maybe he won’t ruin everything this time. Maybe.

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