New York Station

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In June 1940—eighteen months before the bombing of Pearl Harbor—Anglo American MI6 agent Roy Hawkins is mysteriously rushed from Nazi-occupied Paris to New York. Enraged at being ordered away from what he believes is the real fight against Nazism and Fascism, he wants to get back to Paris as soon as possible, even though he knows it means almost certain death.

In New York he is shocked and sickened to encounter a now-alien America increasingly dominated by right-wing extremists, including a new radio celebrity, Walter Ventnor. After a tense encounter with his friend and mentor William Stephenson, he agrees to temporarily pursue a Nazi commercial envoy, Hans Ludwig, and try and stop him from stealing American submarine warfare secrets.

Hawkins follows Ludwig to the elite Saratoga racing meeting, where Ludwig is cultivating top American business leaders. There he meets the scion of an ancient and aristocratic New York family, Daisy van Schenck. After persuading Daisy to throw Ludwig out of the mansion he has rented, Hawkins finds himself increasingly attracted to her, and to the possibility of a different life.

When Hawkins discovers a Nazi plot to rig the presidential election, he is forced to choose between duty and the woman he loves.

Critics Review

  • “Fast-paced and gritty, this WWII spy adventure is a thrilling ride from start to finish, thanks to a layered protagonist and thought-provoking relevance.”

  • “A fast-paced and thrilling read…The conspiracy theories explored by Agent Hawkins are even more exciting when viewed in the context of our own government tensions, adding an extra level of intrigue…Hawkins’ innermost feelings add tension and interest, playing well into the overall plot and inevitable surprise ending. A classic thriller full of twists and turns, New York Station is relevant and thought provoking.”

    Foreword Reviews
  • “A multifaceted protagonist who’s a refreshing change from formulaic genre leads lifts this gritty spy thriller from Dudley.”

    Publishers Weekly
  • “This is a thrilling WWII spy adventure with a classic love-versus-duty story, robust characters, and a nice sense of time and place…A good, solid thriller.”

  • “Lane begins his narration of Dudley’s exciting WWII spy thriller using the crisp, polished tone of a news broadcaster…Lane toughens his rendition, reflecting Hawkins’ frustration and anger…[and] giving voice to gruff, guttural G-man Mike Kelly; W, MI6’s genial, very British station chief; and dreary Nazi strongman Dieter. Both author and narrator combine to make Hawkins’ battle with the Bund a thrilling and fast-paced entertainment.”

    Publishers Weekly (audio review)
  • “Dudley builds a fast-paced political thriller full of intrigue, with a mysterious and resourceful female lead and just enough twists to keep the reader honest. Based in part on actual events—which Dudley explores in the acknowledgement—New York Station is written in short, quick chapters perfect for a robust political thriller…The timeliness of the plot and the complex story make this a worthy read.”

    Historical Novels Review

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