Old Country

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What to expect

An instant classic horror novel.

Harry and Sasha found their dream, a beautiful small ranch in an unspoilt valley nestling beneath the Teton Mountains in Wyoming.

It’s perfect.

Except for the neighbours, an apparently cute old couple, who have some truly crazed ideas about a timeless spirit which asserts its power over the valley in different terrifying ways, with the coming of each different season.

The only thing for Harry and Sasha to do, obviously, is to forget about the weirdos and start building their new life in their new home.

As they look forward to the arrival of Spring.

With a deeply sympathetic feeling for the ancient rhythms of the natural world and the stunning landscape of the western United States, allied to a sharply perceptive sense of the psychology of memory and the effects of PTSD, Harrison and Matthew Query have written a novel that is at once a rivetingly simple narrative and darkly complex supernatural thriller.

(P) 2022 Hachette Audio

Critics Review

  • This is classic supernatural horror, made freshly compelling with believable characters and perfect pacing. It is almost impossible to put down

  • What started as the spookiest of tales on Reddit-I should know, as I love them-sparked a tour-de-force of a novel that perfectly renders the tensions of living in isolation and the unforgiving passage of the seasons of the natural world. On top of that, Old Country delivers an unyielding sense of dread and suspense. I can’t wait for more from the Query brothers

    Thomas Olde Heuvelt, author of HEX and Echo.
  • Who cooks? Who cleans? Who kills? Old Country ramps up our day-to-day household rituals to dizzying heights of horror. Domestic bliss has never been more terrifying

    Clay McLeod Chapman, author of Whisper Down The Lane
  • If you’re a fan of creeping, atmospheric folk horror, the Brothers Query deliver. This book will have you peering out your window at the dark spaces between the trees, certain that someone – or something – is out there watching you back. Highly recommended

    Ronald Malfi, author of Come with Me
  • An artful chiller. Old Country stirs up our primal dread of a hostile wilderness, indifferent to man, that’s reminiscent of such great works as Algernon Blackwood’s The Wendigo

    Lincoln Child, #1 New York Times bestselling author
  • An extraordinarily assured debut: uncanny yet real, both lyrical and brutal, rich with truth about life and death

    Michael Rutger, author of The Anomaly

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