Old Time Radio: True Crime Edition

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What to expect

2 true-crime classics in 1 amazing bundle! Experience some of the most thrilling true-crime serials to release in the twentieth century in this incredible bundle that features Crime Classics and Whitehall 1212. Crime Classics: The Crime of Bathsheba Spooner Crime Classics: John Hayes, His Head and How They Were Parted Crime Classics: Blackbeards 14th Wife. Why She Was No Good For Him Crime Classics: Coyle and Richardson. Why They Hung in a Spanking Breeze Crime Classics: How Supan Got The Hook Outside Bombay Crime Classics: Madeline Smith Maid or Murderess Crime Classics: The Born Brothers & Hangman. A Study in Nip and Tuck Crime Classics: Jean Baptiste Troppman, Killer of Many Crime Classics: Incredible History of John Shepard Crime Classics: Younger Brothers. Why Some of Them Grew No Older Whitehall 1212: The Fournier Case Whitehall 1212: The Murder of Duncan Frazier Whitehall 1212: The Blitz Murder Case Whitehall 1212: The Man Who Murdered His Wife Whitehall 1212: The Case of Thomas Applebee Whitehall 1212: The Case of The Unidentified Woman Whitehall 1212: The Magenta Blotting Pad Whitehall 1212: The Case of Dr. Duncan Allen Whitehall 1212: The Winchester Bottles Whitehall 1212: The Inoperative Wireless

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