On Wings of a Lion

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What to expect

A whirlwind tale of international intrigue and passion set in the last days of the Shah of Iran’s reign.

In 1978, daredevil film director Kathryn Whitney comes to Iran to shoot a package of TV commercials at the ruins of Persepolis. She leaves Hollywood behind and arrives in a country exploding with revolution. While visiting the Bank of Tehran, Kathryn is drawn to a display case housing the Persian Glories—a private jewelry collection of priceless canary diamonds with a powerful legacy owned by Sir Anthony Evans. Kathryn has no idea how these legendary jewels will endanger her life.

In Shiraz, Kathryn meets Sir Anthony, a world-renowned photographer and the type of world-class playboy she can’t stand. Half Persian, half British, Anthony is torn between his birth country and his family heritage. Kathryn realizes Anthony is not what he seems and a powerful attraction overtakes them. She decides to join Anthony on a dangerous undercover assignment against the Black Glove. This organization, a covert splinter group of SAVAK, Iran’s secret police, endangers her film shoot, her livelihood, and her life. Kathryn and Anthony fight to survive the long arm of their enemy as the Persian Glories, coveted to the point of obsession by Anthony’s ruthless Aunt Rena and the Black Glove terrorists, set off a tide of treachery, murder, and betrayal.

Critics Review

  • “The characters are all flesh and blood, fully drawn and well-explored…The setting of Iran so exquisitely explored…The tiniest details, are so seamlessly woven into the novel that the action never slows. The blending of the romance, historical fiction, and thriller genres makes this book a winner on many levels.”

    New York Journal of Books
  • “Smartly penned by Susan Wakeford Angard and riddled with surprising characters and angular twists and turns, On Wings of a Lion is both an enticing narrative and a packed introduction to colliding worlds.”

    IndieReader (4-star review)
  • “On Wings of a Lion unfolds amid heart-pumping action in revolutionary Iran…Apt headlines, decor, and fashions capture the era, and the result is a vibrant story that conveys the nation’s volatility and the challenges of choosing among unsavory options in times of crisis….An exciting historical romance.”


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