Operation Jade Helmet

  • Author Ashley Fontainne
  • Narrator Andrea Emmes
  • Run Time 10 hours and 16 minutes
  • Format Audio
  • Genre Science fiction.

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What to expect

Eager fans around the world played Operation Red Helmet for years, making it the highest-grossing virtual reality game ever sold, and the designers, The Talladav Group, are the richest company on earth.

After an oppressive, unrelenting worldwide heatwave hits, daily life grinds to a halt around the globe. People retreat to their homes, afraid to go out as violence and chaos erupt in the streets. The game temporarily shuts down as the world grapples with the fallout of civil unrest and critical infrastructure breakdowns, forever altering society.

When governments take over control and infrastructures are replaced and back online, the top players of the previous version receive a mysterious box marked “Operation Jade Helmet.” The new version is the first-ever total immersion VR experience and inside each box is a free headset and personal code to play a week before release to the general public. The lucky winners don their newest obsession and impatiently wait for the game to begin. Unfortunately, they are about to discover Operation Jade Helmet is unlike any other game, and when the game begins, everything changes.

Critics Review

  • “One of the best books I have ever read on Good vs. Evil. Plenty of suspense, fast pacing, and revisiting past characters from multiple books. So eye-opening to current and future events. Creative and entertaining, readers are in for a wild and scary ride!”

    Janelle Taylor, New York Times bestselling author

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