Patriot Acts

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What to expect

For the first time in his life, professional bodyguard Atticus Kodiak is laying low—with Alena Cizkova, a.k.a. Drama, once the world’s premier assassin and now the target of assassination herself. Atticus and Alena are wounded, alone, and on the run from what they’ve done, what they haven’t done, and what they’ll need to do to survive. From Eastern Europe to Geneva to the Montana wilderness, they’re being hunted across the world by someone more powerful than the mob, the FBI, or the CIA—and if they don’t guess who it is and how to stop him, they’re history.

Critics Review

  • “Rucka keeps the adrenaline level high throughout.”

    San Francisco Chronicle
  • “Rucka expertly blends intense shoot-’em-up scenes with biting political commentary as Atticus and Alena uncover just how high the conspiracy reaches within the US government. Kodiak fans who’ve waited a long time for this installment will find it exceeds all expectations.”

    Publishers Weekly (starred review)

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