Robinson Crusoe

  • Author Daniel Defoe
  • Narrator Jim Hodges
  • Run Time 12 hours and 7 minutes
  • Format Audio
  • Genre Classic fiction.

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What to expect

Bring history back to life through Jim Hodges’ historically accurate, exciting and edifying audio recordings.

The year is 1659. You’ve been stranded on a desert island. How would you survive? Stay for 28 years, deal with cannibals, heartfelt spiritual awakenings, mutineers, goats, crops, and human visitations? One of the most widely published books in all history, Robinson Crusoe, is often credited as the beginning of realistic fiction as a literary genre. Before the end of its first year of publication in 1719, the book had already run through four editions. Join Robinson Crusoe and his man, Friday, on an amazing physical and spiritual island adventure you will never forget.

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Critics Review

  • “Three hundred years later, does Robinson Crusoe hold up as a classic? A classic is a book that generations have found worth returning to and arguing with. Vividly written, replete with paradoxes and troubling cultural attitudes, revealing a deep strain of supernaturalism beneath its realist surface, Robinson Crusoe is just such a classic and far more than a simple adventure story for kids.”

    Washington Post
  • “The footprint scene in Crusoe [is] one of the four greatest in English literature and most unforgettable.”

    Robert Louis Stevenson, Scottish novelist and travel writer

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