She Kills Me

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What to expect

A powerful collection of stories about women who murdered—for revenge, for love, and even for pleasure—rife with historical details that will have any true-crime junkie on the edge of their seat

In every tragic story, men are expected to be the killers. There are countless studies and works of art made about male violence. However, when women are featured in stories about murder, they are rarely portrayed as predators. They’re the prey. This common dynamic is one of the reasons that women are so enthralled by female murderers. They do the things that women aren’t supposed to do and live the lives that women aren’t supposed to want: lives that are impulsive and angry and messy and inconvenient. Maybe we feel bad about loving them, but we eat it up just the same.

Residing squarely in the middle of a Venn diagram of feminism and true crime, She Kills Me tells the story of forty women who murdered out of necessity, fear, revenge, and even for pleasure.

Critics Review

  • “This collection will both creep you out and leave you a little bit inspired, depending on the story you read.”

  • “Conversations about murderers tend to focus on men…[but] Wright sets the record straight here…Wright pinpoints forty women across history and from around the globe who had the means, opportunity, and motive to take out someone (or several someones).”

    Library Journal
  • “Combines true crime and history….in this gripping and gruesome collection.”

    Renee Powers, founder and CEO, Feminist Book Club

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