Sherlock Holmes and the Rune Stone Mystery

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What to expect

Sherlock Holmes is bored between cases at 221B Baker Street. So when King Oskar II of Sweden—who has heard of the discovery of the Kensington Runestone by a farmer in Minnesota—asks to engage his services, Holmes jumps at the chance to decipher the runes and determine whether the find is real or a hoax. With Dr. John H. Watson by his side, faithfully recording every detail, Holmes makes his way to Minnesota for a third time. But, in the first of many strange and unfortunate coincidences, the farmer who found the mysterious stone is murdered, and the stone itself is stolen on the day the famous detective arrives.

With the help of one Shadwell Rafferty, now a friend and partner, Holmes must solve this baffling case to find both the stone and the murderer.

Critics Review

  • “His leading characters are true to type, and his Midwest setting allows him to create a believable background for his transplanted detectives…Millett mixes historical facts with his fiction—there really is a disputed rune stone in Minnesota—and he uses authentic regional details to good effect.”

    Christian Science Monitor
  • “Millett handles Holmes and Watson well and is definitely in his comfort zone with Rafferty, a thoroughly engaging character. It doesn’t matter if Holmes ever really came to Minnesota or if the Rune stone was genuine or fake. The way Millett tells the tale, readers will be happy to take his word for it.”

    Publishers Weekly
  • “Secretive, surprising, inventive, and ill-acquainted with modesty, Sherlock and his latest American adventure merit wide readership.”

    Library Journal
  • “Once again, Millett accurately re-creates the famous detective and his associate, Dr. John H. Watson, who narrates this fine mystery that’s full of suspense, adventure, and colorful characters…The writing and plot are very much like Arthur Conan Doyle’s stories, and fans will enjoy seeing the sleuths working together.”

    School Library Journal

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