Some Gave It All

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What to expect

Based on an incredible true story, a young Marine fights an unbelievable battle in the abyss of Vietnam. Get a front row seat to the intense action, courage, and sacrifice that he and other Marines endured.

Experience the ferocity of battle, the deep bonds of brotherhood, and the stinging sweat of fear that hangs persistently over the jungle canopy. Imagine lying in a foxhole when a “Broken Arrow” goes into effect as the enemy sappers overtake their position, forcing these young soldiers to fight the enemy hand to hand.

This is the gripping story of Marine Corporal Danny Lane and other young Marines that stood in faith with God and the Marine Corps during the most agonizing times that no one would want to endure.

Instead of a hero’s welcome, he and other survivors came home to a country that didn’t honor their sacrifices.

“War is hell” but for some, surviving is worse.

Note: A share of the proceeds from this book will be donated to Kickstarter Kids—Character through Karate.

Critics Review

  • Some Gave It All is a must read for every red blooded American.”

    Colonel Phil Torres, U. S. Marine Corps
  • “Gripping! Suspenseful…the more I read, the more the story line came to life and the more immersed I became.”

    Colonel Steven B. Vitali, USMC (Ret.)
  • “An exciting roller coaster of an adventure. The amazing thing is that it is a true story. Some Gave It All grabbed me from the first paragraph and wouldn’t let go until the last word.”

    Pat Williams, Orlando Magic senior vice president and author of The Success Intersection
  • “Because too many of our Vietnam War veterans returned to an ungrateful nation, I hope Lane’s book becomes a bestseller and turns into a movie so a grateful nation today can honor these fallen heroes and freedom fighters.”

    Chuck Norris, actor, martial artist, and film producer

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