Sons of Valor

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A new generation of elite American warriors faces off against an enemy unlike any other.

Sons of valor …

Navy SEAL Keith “Chunk” Redman has been one of the military’s top doorkickers since the day he pinned on his trident: loyal, single-minded, lethal. Tasked to lead a new, covert team of Tier One SEALs—the most elite special operators in the world—Chunk can no longer simply rely on the status quo. To safeguard America, he needs help to stay a step ahead of its adversaries.

Brilliant at spotting patterns in the data that others miss, ex–CIA analyst Whitney Watts sees evidence of a troubling link between illicit Chinese arms sales and an attack on a US military convoy in Afghanistan. If she’s right, it would portend not only massive casualties, but a devastating threat to global stability.

Sons of war …

From the ashes of a never-ending war, a new generation of terrorists has arisen: sophisticated, tech-savvy, and hiding in plain sight among America’s allies. Battered by the Taliban and by the West, they call themselves al Qadr—Power and Destiny—and they’re determined to wrest back control of their homeland. Armed with a powerful combat drone, they can strike with deadly precision at US forces in the region—but their ambitions reach far, far beyond that.

A new legacy …

The new Tier One’s first mission will require them to not only prove themselves, but to stop an enemy who’s using military tactics against them. Chunk and his team aren’t just the tip of the spear; they’re America’s first, last, and best counterterrorism defense. And they couldn’t have arrived at a more urgent—and perilous—time.

Critics Review

  • “As a veteran, thriller-writer, and fan of the genre, the Sons of Valor series is as good as it gets. If you liked Tom Clancy’s John Clark, and if you like Brad Thor’s Scot Harvath, you’ll devour the Tier One series.”

    Andrew Watts, Navy veteran & bestselling author of the War Planners
  • “Action, suspense, and intrigue…the Sons of Valor series is Andrews & Wilson at their absolute finest!”

    Jason Kasper, former Green Beret and USA Today bestselling author of the Shadow Strike series
  • “Speaking of great military action thrillers, look no further than Sons of Valor…This quasi spin-off of Andrews and Wilson’s primary Tier One series is like an early present under the Christmas tree for all military thriller fans as the duo position themselves as the rightful heirs to Tom Clancy’s throne. Sons of Valor is every bit the equal of the best from Brad Taylor and Vince Flynn (Kyle Mills now), adding grit and firsthand experience to an already proven mix.”

    Providence Journal
  • “Delivers on all cylinders…The writing has a cinematic flair, and the pacing drops readers directly into the heart of the scenes. The main cast members are delightful and seem authentic, doing a terrific job introducing newcomers to the Tier One world while also appealing to lifelong fans of their previous books. This book is a must-read for fans of covert-ops thrillers, and the authors are looking like the next Preston and Child.”

    Library Journal (starred review)
  • “Readers have come to expect blistering action sequences and meticulous storytelling from the Andrews and Wilson team. Sons of Valor delivered. I highly enjoyed this novel…The pairing of Chunk and Watts is highly entertaining. Each character is strong individually, but together they produce delightful dialogue and a treat for fans of military action. If you are an established Andrews and Wilson fan you will enjoy Sons of Valor. If you are new to this author team (or looking for that next binge-worthy read) Sons of Valor is the way to go.”

    Mystery and Suspense
  • “Want a look into the shadowy world of US special operations? Sons of Valor puts you on the front lines. Nobody does action like Andrews & Wilson!”

    Jack Carr, Navy SEAL sniper and New York Times bestselling author of The Devil's Hand

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