Surviving Jamestown

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What to expect

In this stirring tale of survival set against the backdrop of the founding of Jamestown, young listeners are introduced to Samuel Collier, the page of famed Captain John Smith. A school perennial and favorite among educators since 2001.

In 1607, a year after the Virginia Company was granted a charter to establish a settlement in North America, 104 men set sail on a voyage to a new land. Among the brave adventurers who make the journey is a young boy named Samuel Collier, the page of famed Captain John Smith. Disease, famine, and continuing attacks by neighboring Algonquin Native Americans take a tremendous toll on the settlers. Samuel is one of the few to survive the harsh realities of the New World during the first few years of Jamestown.

Critics Review

  • “The story flows well and is a good fictional introduction to Jamestown.”

    School Library Journal

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