Taste of Honey

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Everyone knows that feisty, sensual Gerry Fitzgerald wasn’t always so outspoken. As a young novitiate, Gerry became pregnant, fleeing the altar just as she was about to take her vows and never breathing a word about why. Twenty-eight years later the child she gave up for adoption has returned, a grown woman looking for answers. Now Gerry must learn how to defuse the years of guilt, shame, and bitterness that divide her from her daughter. At the same time, Gerry’s feelings for her lover, Aubrey, grow more complex and consuming. Suddenly their relationship has begun to crack open both their cautious hearts.

Critics Review

  • “A refreshingly unsentimental take on how an adopted child adjusts to newfound family and vice versa…Along the way to a traditional happy ending, Goudge packs in plenty of drama and suspense as she continues to flesh out the much-beloved residents of Carson Springs.”

    Publishers Weekly
  • “Goudge’s story tells of relationships and love, families lost and found…[Marshall] accurately portrays petulant teens, adoring sons, and the secret world of nuns and priests.”

  • “Goudge sensitively touches on themes of letting go and holding back, ones that many mothers will recognize…Goudge’s novel features beguiling characters, lush locations, and a timely focus on the consequences of a priest’s breaking his vows and harming a parishioner. Great summertime beach reading both for readers new to Carson Springs and those eager for more tales of its romantic residents.”

  • “Familiar characters gather…Mind candy with just the touch of tartness to make it a comfort read.”

    Kirkus Reviews

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