The 60-Something Crisis

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The crisis of unfulfilled lives unfolds gradually, often with acquiesced boredom and a flimsy search for purpose. Our relevancy comes into question, or we succumb to the idea that the future will be one of slow-moving ambition and then an even slower glide into comfort as the flush of freedom fades. We can change this outcome if we want to. We should want to.

The 60-Something Crisis: How to Live an Extraordinary Life in Retirement is the first audiobook to circumvent the tired and conventional approaches of finding purpose, passion, or happiness, or using reinvention to discover a path of fulfillment after sixty. It presents a clear, practical framework through four portals—geography of place, yield, kinship, and freedom—to navigate and support future well-being and happiness. Listeners will learn how to pursue desires, not roadmaps, to increase self-confidence and master risk-taking, and will discover the power and potential of investing in themselves at this time of life.

Barbara L. Pagano provides the foundation for taking on or taking back late-stage growth and shifts the conversation from “What’s next?” to “What do I need to know, what do I need to do now, and how soon can I get started?” The 60-Something Crisis offers a smart, well-written, practical, and poignant guide for the last third of life.

Critics Review

  • “Retirement can feel like trying to completely reinvent your life—but it doesn’t have to! Filled with engaging stories, thoughtful introspection, and humor to keep the pages turning, Barbara will guide you in reflection of how you can plan and prepare for this chapter of life. A must-read!”

    Marshall Goldsmith, #1 New York Times bestselling author
  • “Brilliant, simply brilliant! Just when it appears life as we know it is coming to a close, Barbara illuminates how to enhance our intention, courage, and playfulness for the next twenty five years!”

    C. Richard Weylman, CSP, CPAE, internationally bestselling author
  • “Brilliant, simply brilliant!”

    C. Richard Weylman, CSP, CPAE, internationally bestselling author
  • “It takes courage to approach your life with no limits—and no age limits. As we increasingly lead long and healthy lives, Barbara Pagano’s new book shows us how to renew ourselves with curiosity, self-knowledge, and joy. A great read for those who want to make every second of their lives count.”

    Dorie Clark, author of The Long Game
  • “In The 60-Something Crisis, Barbara Pagano has put her finger on the most crucial element anyone at any age needs for a rich, fulfilling life: a spirit of exploration. This book will honor your earned wisdom and life experience, guiding you to identify and celebrate the steps right in front of you, on your way to a deliberate and satisfying retirement.”

    Sarah Hays Coomer, NBC-HWC, author of The Habit Trip

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