The Autobiography of Benjamin Franklin

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What to expect

Benjamin Franklin was not only one of America’s Founding Fathers—he was also a fascinating character who lived an exciting life. Whether carousing with prostitutes in Paris, taunting lightning bolts with kites, or founding America’s first volunteer firefighting organization, Franklin was always at the center of activity. The Autobiography of Benjamin Franklin details this American’s early years, his career, and his conflicted relationship with his son.

Critics Review

  • “Franklin’s is one of the greatest autobiographies in
    literature, and towers over other autobiographies as Franklin towered
    over other men.”

    William Dean Howells
  • “The most widely read autobiography ever written by an American. It
    has served many Americans as it may have served Franklin—to define
    what it meant, what it had meant, and what it ought to mean to be an

    Edmund S. Morgan, emeritus professor of history, Yale University
  • “Benjamin Franklin set the tone for more than a century of
    positive-thinking American literature with this inspiring 1791 account
    of his education and early career as a printer, inventor, and diplomat.”

    Library Journal

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