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The year is 2071. It is a world very recognizable to our own, only now the United States has implemented a wide-scale, government-run cloning program that is tied directly to health insurance. Each US citizen has a “Copy” living separately in a cleared zone in the Midwest. If an “Original” is sick or injured and requires surgery, whatever he or she needs is taken from their clone. In the two decades since the program’s inception, no person outside the government has ever seen their Copy or been inside the Clearances, and no clone has ever successfully escaped—until now.

The Bradbury Report is a fascinating meditation on the worst and the best that we are capable of as a race and society. It is a powerful work of speculative fiction, beautifully written, about love, identity, free will, aging, and intelligence that will linger with you long after reading.

Critics Review

  • “Polansky is really telling the story of lonely people, of what it means to be human, of the moral choices in advances of technology. And he does it with gorgeous, unhurried writing that makes us ache for all the characters.”

    St. Paul Pioneer Press
  • “Polansky’s debut features well-developed characters and strong writing.”

    Publishers Weekly
  • “The author’s portrait of medical cloning and its effects on a near-future society is compelling, especially as enhanced by the deepest voice in audio, that of Stefan Rudnicki.”

  • “[In] this ambitious, sometimes chilling, sometimes heartbreaking novel…Polansky does an extraordinary job of imagining the condition of being a human copy, while challenging readers to consider the ethicality and inhumanity of such human engineering.”

    Booklist (starred review)
  • “An inventive, cerebral thriller about a man faced with the ultimate moral quandary…Polansky does a fine job of wrestling with the moral dilemmas posited by writers like Philip K. Dick and others, and his characterization of Alan is sublimely witty and soulfully sympathetic.”

    Kirkus Reviews

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