The Cyber Effect

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From the world’s leading expert in forensic cyberpsychology – a discipline that combines psychology, forensics and technology – comes a groundbreaking exploration of the impact of technology on human behaviour.

The average person now checks their phone over 200 times a day. That’s a serious addiction – but because we’re all doing it all the time, it doesn’t seem quite so scary. And, like all addicts, we have avoided thinking about the implications of the cyber effect. But now, at last, there is someone who can explain what is happening to us, how it works and what we can do about it.

In this, the first book of its kind, Dr Mary Aiken applies her expertise in cyber-behavioural analysis to a range of subjects including criminal activity on the Deep Web and Darknet; deviant behaviour; internet addictions; the impact of technology on the developing child; teenagers and the Web; cyber romance and cyber friendships; cyberchrondria; the future of artificial intelligence; and the positive effects on our digital selves, such as online altruism.

Packed with vivid stories, eye-opening insights and surprising statistics, The Cyber Effect offers us a fascinating guide through a new future that it’s not too late to do something about.

(P) 2016 Penguin Random House Audio

Critics Review

  • If you have children, stop what you are doing and pick up a copy of The Cyber Effect, a fascinating book that explores how human behaviour changes online

  • Really good… Our lives are changing and human ­behaviour is evolving because people act differently when they are interacting with technology, says the cyberpsychologist Mary Aiken. She explains why studying our online identities is fascinating – and frightening

  • Fact Not Fiction BOOK CHOICE


  • A Freakonomics for our online lives…With great clarity and insight, Aiken investigates the effect of technology on human behaviour

    THE BOOKSELLER, Books to Watch
  • From online dating to Pokémon GO, our lives are merging with tech. It’s the cyber-effect


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