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In the 150 years since the publication of Origin of Species, Charles Darwin’s reputation has wavered between two extremes—secular saint or heretic. But the truth is much more complicated than that. While he was by all accounts a kind and virtuous man, Darwin’s theory of evolution and natural selection has been one of the most destructive ideas in history.

So who is Charles Darwin? What did he really believe—and what did his research really prove? Laying out the evidence and sound scientific arguments, Wiker offers a critical analysis of Darwin’s theories as well as the social, scientific, and religious implications of his work, illuminating the inevitable truth about Darwin’s powerful, yet ultimately poisonous, legacy.

Critics Review

  • “Benjamin Wiker sets forth an examination of Charles Darwin the man, as opposed to the public legend. This short production is more along the lines of a spirited and unreferenced essay than a scholarly treatise, and, therefore, works well as an audio experience.”

  • “Ben Wiker’s brilliant biography of Charles Darwin sheds more light on the contrast between Darwin the kindly man and the chilling logic of his theory than anything I have read. I highly recommend it.”

    Phillip E. Johnson, professor of law emeritus University of California, Berkeley and author of Darwin on Trial
  • “Benjamin Wiker’s compelling account of the life of Darwin treats its subject as too few biographers do—not as an icon, not as a devil, but as a man. Very highly recommended.”

    Michael Behe, PhD, author of Darwin's Black Box
  • “Ben Wiker brilliantly demonstrates that Darwinism (which is not the same as ‘evolution’) is atheism masquerading as science. And like its intellectual cousin, Marxism, Darwinism has deeply corrupted our civilization.”

    Jonathan Wells, PhD, author of The Politically Incorrect Guide to Darwinism and Intelligent Design
  • “Books about Charles Darwin and his theory too often they try to make Darwin into a secular saint, unworthy of criticism, or else they try to demonize him. Wiker avoids these extremes. All readers, regardless of their views on biological evolution, will have much to learn about the man and his ideas from this important biography on the bicentennial of Darwin’s birth.”

    Guillermo Gonzalez, associate professor of physics, Grove City College, and coauthor of The Privileged Planet: How Our Place in the Cosmos is Designed for Discovery
  • “Being myself one who has been both a hard-headed atheist evolutionary and a Bible-thumping creationist it is truly a joyous relief to finally have such a clear, brilliant, and balanced presentation of Charles Darwin’s life, beliefs, and motives. Cutting away the myths from both sides, Dr. Wiker enables us to finally see the man for who and what he really was. A must read, and on top of this, a thoroughly good read.”

    Marcus Grodi, host of EWTN's The Journey Home

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