The Embalmer

  • Author Alison Belsham
  • Narrator Ben Higgins, Candida Gubbins, Toby Webster
  • Publisher Orion
  • Run Time 11 hours and 18 minutes
  • Format Audio
  • Genre Thriller / suspense fiction.

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What to expect

Has the ancient Egyptian cult of immortality resurfaced in Brighton?

When a freshly-mummified body is discovered at the Brighton Museum of Natural History, Detective Francis Sullivan is at a loss to identify the desiccated woman. But as Egyptian burial jars of body parts with cryptic messages attached start appearing, he realises he has a serial killer on his hands. Revenge, obsession and an ancient religion form a potent mix, unleashing a wave of terror throughout the city. Caught in a race against time while battling his own demons, Francis must fight to uncover the true identity of the Embalmer before it’s too late…

Critics Review

  • Deliciously creepy, The Embalmer grabs you from the beginning, the contrast of modern Brighton working perfectly against the eerie inner world of an Egyptian-obsessed serial killer. Hold on tight as grisly kills mount up across the city, for an ending that won’t disappoint.

    Louisa de Lange
  • The Embalmer is an excellent, fast-paced and well written and plotted novel! I did not want to put it down. Prepare to lose sleep

    Rebecca Kelly, author of MONSTROUS SOULS
  • The Embalmer is another creepy and compulsive tale from Alison Belsham, author of the brilliantly terrifying The Tattoo Thief. Lock the doors and keep the lights on because we’re back in Brighton with Marni Mullins and DI Sullivan, chasing down a serial killer with a penchant for mummification and ancient Egyptian immortality rites. Beautifully crafted and with writing so visual it leaps off the page, The Embalmer will keep you on the edge of your seat until the very last page.

    Amy McLellan, author of REMEMBER ME
  • An engrossing, fast-paced serial killer story with multiple plots as tightly interwoven as the linen strips around a mummy!

    Heleen Kist
  • Intriguing, compelling and chilling, I was hooked on The Embalmer from the first page. A brilliant mix of gothic and police procedural.

    Sarah Ward, author of THE QUICKENING
  • Pacy, cinematic, dark – a much needed dose of escapism.

    Daniel Cole, author of RAGDOLL

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