The Getaway

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What to expect

One private island. Seven guests. One killer…

The perfect holiday. The perfect murder. The perfect beach read.

Get away from your problems.
Multimillionaire Robert Rathwell and his entourage arrive at their private Greek island. White sand, turquoise water, the perfect place to relax. But this is no ordinary family, and this holiday will be their last.

Get away from your life.
The next morning, a scream shatters their peaceful world. Someone has been murdered, his body arranged to make it look like suicide. Everyone has a motive and, under the burning sun, secrets quickly simmer to the surface.

Get away with murder.
Soon the guests see a darker, more violent side to paradise. Because the Rathwells don’t just own the island; they own the people on it. And they can do whatever they like – maybe even commit murder…

Critics Review

  • ‘The perfect summer thriller. Sun, sea, secrets and murder, The Getaway twists and turns with a plot as scorching as the setting.’ Chris Whitaker

    ‘Full of ingenious twists and turns, The Getaway grabs hold and never lets you go. A killer summer read.’ Phoebe Morgan

    ‘An ideal summer book set on an idyllic private island where everyone has secrets and seemingly no one can be trusted. Twisty and tense – a great read.’ Catherine Cooper

    ‘Beautifully set on the Greek island that is home to the dysfunctional Rathwell family, The Getaway is deliciously twisted and compelling, the tension building until just when you think you know what’s going on, there’s yet another twist. A highly recommended summer read.’ Debbie Howells

    ‘A superb book which maintained the mystery and intrigue throughout and kept me guessing the who and why. The revealing of the character’s secrets and fears are excellently done and the overall majesty and secrecy play out very well.’ James Delargy


    ‘Quirky, offbeat, stylish and original. I loved it’ Mick Herron

    ‘Ross Armstrong has created a brilliant hero in Tom, and this novel is an enjoyable addition to the psychological thriller genre. Five Stars’ Heat

    ‘Like Christopher Nolan’s Memento, Ross Armstrong delivers a twisty mystery through the perspective of a fractured brain. Original and gripping. Tom Mondrian, and his unique outlook, will stay with me’ Peter Swanson

    ‘An eerily atmospheric reworking of Hitchcock’s Rear WindowGuardian

    ‘Addictive and eerie, you’ll finish the book wanting to chat about it’ Closer

    ‘Ross Armstrong will feed your appetite for suspense’ Evening Standard

    ‘Unreliable narrator + Rear Window-esque plot = sure-fire hit’ Sun

    ‘A dark, unsettling page turner’ Claire Douglas, author of Local Girl Missing

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