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“The Dragon King’s Daughter” is the last book about the adventures of Prince Carvallo and our beloved friends. After serious exploration and searching, the prince’s native world is finally found. They all go there, but things are not what they expected. The whole planet is covered with living dragons, and Carvallo’s people are nowhere to be found. Will his misfortunes never end? It is more than a satisfying conclusion to a remarkable series, teeming not only with dragons, sorceresses, and demons, but with emotions, kindness, and friendship.
In “The Magical Falcon”, Peter Gotthardt moves from his preferred and rich elven themes and moves to the realm of the magical. Of course, magic is an important element in his entire work, but here he praises it enormously. It follows the adventures of three children, whose quite ordinary lives are turned upside down by the appearance of Prince Carvallo, who takes them to a magical land.

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