The Raven Lady

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In the aftermath of Ireland’s battle with her ancient enemies, Queen Isolde orders her cousin, smuggler Duncan O’Malley, to assume the throne of fairy as King Finvara. He’s a fish out of water when it comes to nurturing the alliance between Ireland’s mortal and fairy peoples. And the queen wants him to wed the daughter of Ireland’s enemy, the king of Icelandic shadow elves, to help keep the peace. But the Irish think of the elves as goblins, and Finvara refuses.

Elven princess Koli, affronted by the king’s rejection—along with his decision to bring her to court as little more than a captive—vows vengeance. Shortly after her arrival, she uncovers a plot that would bring swift satisfaction. A dark and powerful fairy lord, Far Dorocha, wants to take Finvara’s crown and lead both the fairy and elven people to war against the Irish. And he wants Koli to help him.

It’s the perfect setup for revenge, but Koli soon discovers that Finvara’s not the haughty lord she believed him to be. And as she navigates treacherous waters inside the court, she gets glimpses of the magic and passion that have been slumbering inside her. She must choose a side in the new battle for Ireland—will it be the fearsome father she has served for nearly a century, or the fairy king who has helped awaken her to herself?

Critics Review

  • “The worldbuilding draws from Irish mythology and fairy lore to fun effect…There’s plenty to enjoy in the magical moments and expanding world of the series. Fisher’s fans will be pleased.”

    Publishers Weekly
  • “The mix of Irish and Icelandic mythology, fairy lore, and steampunk magic make for a delightful read in The Raven Lady by Sharon Lynn Fisher. I thoroughly enjoyed following the intrigue, subterfuge, and building romance at play between Finvara and Koli. I highly recommend to fantasy readers who appreciate an inventive take on magic and folklore.”

    Luanne G. Smith, Washington Post and Amazon bestselling author of The Vine Witch
  • “Fisher returns to the queens, elves, and fae of eighteenth-century Ireland of The Absinthe Earl…Readers will be drawn in from the very first word of this fantasy romance, which has plenty of action and an appealing give and take between Koli and Finvara.”


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