The Seared Lands

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What to expect

This book, while following the previous stories, focuses a great deal on the Illindrist, Aasah, and his apprentice Yaela, strange people with stranger powers who come from a land of salt and fire.

In the days of the Sundering, Quarabala—the Seared Lands—were cursed by Akari Sun Dragon and scorched beyond all recognition. Now a cruel place inhabited by nightmare beasts, the Seared Lands are home to a desperate few; and as fears of a second Sundering grow, these people look to greener lands. If no place is found for them, they will seize new lands from the soft hands of Those Who Dwell Above.

They have nowhere else to go, they have nothing to lose …

Critics Review

  • “The outcome will be world-shattering.”

    New York Journal of Books on The Dragon's Legacy
  • “One of the finest epic fantasies I have ever had the privilege of reading…I am already prepared to clear some shelf space for her next to Erikson, Hobb, and Kay.”

    Beauty in Ruins on The Dragon's Legacy
  • “Elegant writing and awe-inspiring prose…a gripping adventure with courage, betrayal, and strength.”

    San Francisco Book Review on The Dragon's Legacy

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