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The Silenced

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What to expect

The adrenaline-charged and suspenseful thriller set in a ruthless world where all means are permitted in the fight for power.

When a savaged body is found in the waters outside the governing party’s conference centre, the case lands on detective Julia Gabrielsson’s desk. Who is the deceased and why has somebody gone to such trouble to make sure the body is unidentifiable?

Officer David Sarac is a man haunted by demons. After a violent showdown that almost cost him his life, the policeman is being treated at a closed ward far from the capital. Soon he will permanently silence the accusing voices in his head. But a mysterious offer has David changing his mind.

Critics Review

  • ‘Once again the author demonstrates his legerdemain in manipulating disparate story lines – as well as avoiding allowing the plot, gripping as it is, from overshadowing so many characters readers will care about’ Publishers Weekly, US

    ‘Anders de la Motte has herein crafted a modern, Swedish thriller of international class, with an ethical social pathos and filmic qualities. A bit like the books of Arne Dahl and the movies about Jason Bourne all in one package’ BTJ, Sweden

    ‘Ferociously thrilling … Anders de la Motte’s storytelling possesses a momentum that makes his novels into real page-turners’ Ölandsbladet, Sweden

    ‘An incredibly suspenseful story of power struggles, betrayals and corruption’ Norra Skåne, Sweden

    Praise for Anders de la Motte:

    ‘A turbocharged thriller … With breakneck pace and a mature narrative command, de la Motte deftly spins out these divergent strands, until the intricate outlines of a deadly spider’s web finally becomes visible—and inescapable’ Publishers Weekly *Starred Review*

    ‘For all the book’s twists and turns, de la Motte is completely at ease in thickening and expanding the plot. He never forces the action, instead tightening the web in which Sarac seems to be caught. The cast of characters is nicely varied; part of the pleasure is seeing through the bad guys before the protagonist does’ Kirkus

    ‘An action-filled thriller that makes good use of an unreliable narrator … An intriguing premise and a compelling lead character’ Booklist

    ‘MemoRandom provides high quality all the way. The end is so violent and Pulp Ficition-like that I almost started giggling. This is a raw, bloody, effectively told story about organized crime, police officers with double agendas, and corruption on high levels in the political sphere’ Aftonbladet

    ‘A thrilling novel about secret informants among the police force’ Mariestads Tidning

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