The Sun Dog

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The No. 1 bestselling author Stephen King’s novella The Sun Dog, published in his award-winning 1990 story collection Four Past Midnight, is now available as a standalone publication.

It’s mine – that was what he had thought when his finger had pushed the shutter-button for the first time. Now he found himself wondering if maybe he hadn’t gotten that backward.

Kevin Delevan wants only one thing for his fifteenth birthday: a Polaroid Sun 660.

There’s something wrong with his gift, though. No matter where Kevin aims the camera, it produces a photograph of an enormous, vicious dog. In each successive picture, the menacing creature draws nearer to the flat surface of the Polaroid film as if it intends to break through.

When old Pop Merrill, Castle Rock’s sharpest trader, gets wind of this phenomenon, he devises a way to profit from it. But the Sun Dog, a beast that shouldn’t exist at all, turns out to be a very dangerous investment.

(P) 2016 Simon & Schuster Audio

Critics Review

  • The Sun Dog works beautifully as another addition to those metaphorical stories about King’s own personal fears

  • A fabulous teller of stories who can create an entire new world and make the reader live in it

  • Without doubt one of the world’s greatest storytellers, King has an uncanny knack of finding horror in the midst of the commonplace


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