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A charming family comedy for readers of 8+, with a dash of magic, and the occasional moment of mayhem! These are the third memoirs Holly Hopkinson, aged ten – except without any of the rubbish adults usually put in, thank you very much.

Welcome to volume III of my memoirs – with me, Holly Hopkinson, still in the middle of flipping nowhere, and still on the brink of MULTIPLE CATASTROPHES, like my parents announcing that we might be moving STATESIDE. Good thing my sister is still into organising protests, thank you very much.

PLUS Mum is about to lose what little money we have left on a vegetable shop, there’s been a biscuit-fight fiasco in the village and a family secret I uncovered means my suitcase is packed, my goodbyes are prepared – life is cruel at ten.

But fear not because with the help of my Magic Pocket Watch I might get an ACTUAL FACTUAL ROCK STAR to play with my brother’s band! Oh yes. The middle of nowhere, AKA Lower Goring, could be about to hit the news headlines again . . .

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