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Discover the profound lessons we can learn from horses.

Veteran ‘horse whisperer’ and communication expert, Grant Golliher, has trained thousands of horses, many of which have been traumatised or abused, and can tame a wild horse to calmly accept a saddle and a rider in just hours – without the use of any force. Through his work, Golliher has learnt essential lessons about communication, boundaries, fairness, trust and respect – lessons that apply not just to horses but to humans as well. It’s why celebrities, Fortune 500 executives, professional coaches, supreme court justices, and even ordinary families from around the world flock to his Wyoming ranch every year to take part in what one CEO called ‘the most transformational experience I have ever encountered’.

In the decades that Golliher has been doing this work, he has seen tough and insensitive people become gentle and more empathetic, and timid and fearful people grow in firmness and confidence. Now for the first time, in Think Like a Horse, he shares fundamental and ageless lessons about life, underpinned by all he has learnt from horses. It’s an approach that anyone should learn to better understand our common humanity, overcome trauma and unlock our untapped potential in all aspects of our lives.

All you need to do is think like a horse.

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Critics Review

  • Grant Golliher’s example and the lessons captured in this masterful collection of stories have produced a profound impact in my life. Over the years, his wisdom has inspired me to become a better family member, a more effective business executive, and a committed servant leader in higher education

    Brad D. Smith, President, Marshall University and former CEO, Intuit
  • I can’t wait for the world to be able to experience Grant’s horse whispering philosophies. I left that demonstration aware of my need to improve my approach to relationships with friends and family, but most importantly, how I raise my children.

  • As the book’s subtitle suggests, these lessons apply to interpersonal relationships as well as personal and career advancement; beyond that, Golliher paints a beautiful picture of the internal peace that good behaviour and kindness can bring, describes the importance of boundaries in teacherlearner relationships, and brings to life an image of the ndividual strength that trusting relationships can confer.

    Library Journal
  • Executives can read about the principles of good leadership and team building. Th ey can attend conferences or hire coaches. But spending an hour watching a horse whisperer bond with and gain the cooperation of a wild, 1,000-pound horse brings home important leadership lessons in an immediate, profound way.

    Jeanne Sahadi, CNN Business

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